1. SD Planning with Contemporary Issues for CSR Planning and Social and Economic Well Being with Skills for Accountability
2. Strategy in CSR Planning for SD in Asian and Western Context for CSR
3. Sustainability Planning for Applying CSR into Different Industries Implementing Strategy with Global Partners for CSR Sustainability
Date: May 18 – Jun 29 (every Wed)
Time: 6:30 – 9:00 pm
Teaching Hours: 7 × 2.5 hrs online teaching, 5 hrs consulting, 7.5 hrs reading& self-learning = total 30 hours)
Fee: HKD $6,000
Language: English
1. Executive Diploma in CSR
2. Professional Member of WISDP (The WISDP membership incurs additional application and payment)
Programme Director: Dr. Shirley Yeung
– Associate Professor, HiESD
– Secretary General & Chair, CSR Division, WISDP
– Associate Vice President, UHKA
(852) 2312 7696 / course@hiesd.org


The enrollment of Executive Certificate in CSR Positioning and Implications (LEVEL 1) has been stopped since all lessons have been completed.

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