ESG x SDG 報告生成平台課程


  1. 可持續發展規劃及ESG知識的企業價值轉化
  2. 了解如何根據港交所ESG報告要求、TCFD 以及聯合國可持續發展目標框架生成ESG報告
  3. 通過輸入碳排放、社會及企業管治信息,極速打造屬於您的ESG報告
  4. 如何將企業策略和規劃融入ESG報告中
  5. 如何善用ESG報告提升企業綠色金融機遇
  • 香港可持續發展教育學院 高級講師
  • 香港可持續發展教育學院 SDGCampus總監
  • 認證可持續發展規劃師 CSDP
上課日期2024年4月18日 (星期四)
上課時間:10:00-17:00 (共6小時)
課程費用:HKD 1,800 ( 於4月8日或之前報名可享早鳥優惠 HKD 1,680 )
上課地點:香港可持續發展教育學院 (新界沙田大圍豐石街1號愛國教育支援中心3樓302室)
查詢:2312 7116 /

Personal Data

Must be the same as shown on HKID Card or Passport. Name entered will be used on academic documents.
Must be the same as shown on HKID Card or Passport. Name entered will be used on academic documents.

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Programme Information

1. The personal information provided on the registration form will be used for matters related to the course activities, such as organizing or co-organizing courses. The information will be handed over to the relevant parties if necessary. You have the right to request access and/ or correction of any information provided by you. If you do not provide your personal ID number, the center will not issue a course certificate and any proof of course taken. (Our Programme team will ask for your ID when your enrolment is confirmed.)
2. Acceptance is subject to the discretion of the Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development (the Institute).
3. Applicants are expected to attend the course at the place and time specified in the brochure unless otherwise notified.
4. When a programme is over-subscribed, additional classes may be started in some cases. Applicants may then be notified of the new time, dates and place of meetings when necessary.
5. No refund will be made after payment.
6. No classes will be held when storm warning signal No. 8 or above/Red/Black Rainstorm Warning is in force. In that case, an alternative session will be arranged. (Classes will resume if No. 8/Red/Black Rainstorm Warning is lowered before 3:00 pm for evening classes, 12:00 noon for afternoon classes and 7:00 am for morning classes.)
7. The Institute supports the equal opportunities policy, without discriminating against any person on the grounds of gender, disability, family status or any other basis.
8. I understand that, upon my registration in the programme, the data will become part of my student record and may be used and processed for all lawful purposes relating to my academic and/or non-academic activities in accordance with the established policy of the Institute and the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap.486).
1. I hereby declare that the information provided in this registration form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, and I authorize the HiESD to obtain relevant examination and academic information from relevant institutions (if necessary).

2. I understand that the information provided in this registration form will be used in the admission evaluation process. I also understand that any misrepresentation, omission or misleading information may cause my eligibility to apply for, enroll in relevant courses and be admitted to be disqualified. I also understand the photo-taking in the Course may be used for course promotion/marketing.

3. I have read carefully and understand the content of the "Personal Information Collection Statement". I expressly consent that the personal data will be used for the Institute's administrative, academic, research, statistical, alumni activities and prescribed purposes as allowed by the Institute and the laws of Hong Kong from time to time. I authorize the Institute to obtain, and the relevant authority to release any information about my studies in institutions in Hong Kong and/or overseas.

4. The Institute reserves the right to make alterations regarding the course details. In case of any dispute, the HiESD reserves the right to make the final decision.