Research on Data Science of Health & Wellness

Data science is an applied science that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data. Data science included concept and methods of data mining and processing of big data. The research of data science would use the most powerful hardware platform, software application, and efficient algorithms to find out results and solve problems.

Everyday people process a lot volume of data, but it is difficult to link up different kinds of data to exact the new knowledge for decision marking. The research of data science can help us the capture the new knowledge and to have better decision to our future. The human health and wellness is one most important area we need to tackle. HiESD has started the research to support the development projects of “Smart Healthy School” and “Big Data Laboratory”.

This research aims to establish a “Data Science and Smart Health Platform” through the collection of data on student health and supported by IOT technology, electronic health measurement equipment, and artificial intelligence. The platform will effectively collect and mind the data to study the health conditions of Hong Kong and mainland student such as physical, nutritional, physiological and psychological health. The comparison of the student health in Hong Kong and mainland as well as cross-boundary school student is also one of the study. Through the analysis of health big data and combining with knowledge and experiences provided by experts in education, health, sports, environment and nutrition, it can effectively make reasoning and judgments, develop health knowledge experts system, and build a useful health assessment module.

These can help schools to improve the student health and promote the self-care health culture and accelerate Hong Kong and China to achieve long-term objectives in health society. Through the ongoing collection of health big data and the data analysis with artificial intelligence, it shall greatly support government, universities and research institutes to study and formulate social long-term development strategies and targets on physical and mental health. The research and development of health big data and artificial intelligence health knowledge management system can better coordinate with the development of digital health care on the development of smart city in near future.

Data Science Research for Smart Health Platform

7 Major Research Areas

  1. Integrated Big Data Analysis Facilities – This is a big data calculation and analysis engine that helps data to be quantified, statistically and analyzed in many ways. The analytics engine will support and perform three different types of analysis:
    1. Vertical Analysis – Performs general statistical data analysis, including, for example, percentages, classification, distribution, and graphical analysis.
    2. Level Analysis – A quantitative analysis of the relationship between data and data, including positive correlation and negative correlation analysis.
    3. Integrated Analysis – Conduct a qualitative analysis of causality, including the cause of the event and the reasoning analysis.
  2. Knowledge Management (KM) System – Helping to classify, record, find and present big data analysis results and announcements.
  3. Expert System – Helping to enquir and answer questions about big data analysis and related results.
  4. IOT Facilities – Collecting data via Internet support, electronic measurement devices and transducers.
  5. Data Conversion – Using data conversion software to connect and convert data from other sources of data collection, such as foreign databases.
  6. Special Research- Accessing data for specific research and analysis through data electronic connection methods.
  7. Data Sharing – Sharing data and data via the Internet and cloud computing.

Research & Development Vision

Promote the implementation and development of a comprehensive database and platform for health education in regional area. Cooperate with relevant development organizations and institutions in the Greater Bay Area to develop China-Hong Kong cooperation and implement the Greater Bay Smart Health Database and Platform to support the Greater Bay Area development.

Cooperate with relevant agents and organizations of Hong Kong Smart City Development to expand the health database to smart city and share data and knowledge to different industries and data services, and accelerate the development of smart city in Hong Kong.