The National Education Exhibition room exhibits the progress of China’s environmental, social and technological development. It aims to demonstrate China’s leadership role in taking international responsibility. Beginning from China’s return to the United Nations, it has experienced a difficult starting stages. After that, it enters a new stage of active participation, advocacy and leadership. In the exhibition room, the teachers and students can clearly understand the country’s development progress and future plans, strengthening their national confidence and national pride, broadening their global perspectives, strengthening their cultural confidence and technological confidence. “International, national, and Hong Kong” enables Hong Kong talents to align self-development plans into the overall development of the country and give full play to the unique advantages of Hong Kong’s strengths to respond to our country’s needs.

The exhibition room will also arrange special exhibitions in correspondent to United Nations International Days such as Biodiversity and World Environment Day.

In addition, the “Model UNESCO Conference” room and the “Future Education Innovation Teaching Lab” room, along with the fruitful student and teacher training programmes, allowed us to connect “Classroom”, “Exhibition Room” and “Research”, to cultivate sustainable development green talents with “Hong Kong Roots, National Heart, International Horizon” .

Exhibition Room Themes:

1. China & The World

Review the 50-year history of the restoration of the legal right of the People’s Republic of China in the United Nations, and look forward to China’s contribution to promoting sustainable development on the international stage.

Students will also be provided with a “China and the World” study handbook.

2. World Heritage and Intangible Cultural Heritage

As of Nov 2023, China has 57 cultural and natural heritage in the World Heritage List. World heritage and intangible cultural heritage are valuable for the inheritance of the culture of states and countries. They teach the students to respect cultural diversity and  promote peace. 

The exhibition hall will display the world and intangible cultural heritage images and descriptions, students are also provided with the “Student Handbook”, to study the importance of world heritage and intangible cultural heritage to the environment, economy and social harmony, their protection processes and Conservation Convention.

3. Space Technology, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development

The Hong Kong UNESCO Association and Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development has been carrying out space exposed seeds nursery programs for many years. In 2019,  the “SJ-10” space seeds were planted, and in 2020, space seeds from “CZ-5B” were planted, including eggplant, Cowpea, Okra and more. The project raise awareness of nature and biodiversity conservation among students, inspire them to explore the science behind space exposed seeds using qualitative and quantitative tools, data analysis, research, achieving multi-disciplinary education through experiential learning. The theme of the exhibition hall will be space technology and seeds, with study handbook for students to learn about the development of space technology,   experience from participating schools in and methods and research process of nursering space seeds.

4. MUN Conference Room

The Model United Nations conference room will be used for “MUNESCO – Model UNESCO” and “MUN – Model United Nations” events, competitions and training. The activities can cultivate students’ soft skills such as organization, planning, teamwork, conflict resolution, seeking common ground while reserving differences, and cross-disciplinary thinking through research-based learning. At the same time, students could explore latest international affairs, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Education for Sustainable Development , scientific and technological innovation, cultural heritage and the integration of relevant topics.

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Recommended Duration: 3 hours
Part 1 Activities: 1500 HKD / Theme (choosing more than 1 topic is allowed)
Part 2 Activities: 2200 HKD / Theme ( Topics marked by ⭐️ : 2800 HKD / Theme including handcraft workshop materials)
Language: English/Cantonese/Mandarin
Group Size: 30 Students/Group
Additional Group : 20% OFF from original price (MAX 120 students)
UNESCO Hong Kong Association Member Schools: 10% OFF
Transportation: Arranged by school

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