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Carbon Literacy and Low-Carbon Lifestyle – Bilingual Textbook 

ISBN 978-988-75669-4-6

Copyright 2022 Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development

Editor in Chief: Prof. Karen Cheung

Assistant Editor: Americana Chen 

Price: HKD120

On our way towards a net-zero future, carbon literacy and low-carbon lifestyle are crucial. This textbook, as one of the “China and the World” textbook series for the Patriotic Education Center, covers the Science of Climate Change, identifying multiple causes and consequences; the Evolution of Climate Action, from the United Nations Stockholm Conference to the United Nations Climate Change Convention, from the Paris Agreement to the Sustainable Development Goals; the impact of our actions on climate change adaptation, mitigation; Hong Kong climate action and individual strategies to combat climate change. It aims to lead every student, school, family, and community to work together to initiate climate action for a better and more sustainable future.


UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development

China Education for Sustainable Development Country Report – Hong Kong Regional Report

ISBN 978-988-75669-0-8

Copyright 2021 Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development

Author: Prof. Karen Q. Cheung & Prof. Lee Chin Kin, John

Price: HKD98

In this era of global pursuance of sustainable development goals (SDGs), Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) has been offered new vision and opportunities towards SDGs. As a regional coordinator, Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development in collaboration with UNESCO Hong Kong Association and World Institute of Sustainable Development Planners and in support of the UNESCO Chair in Regional Education Development and Lifelong Learning, has been promoting the UN ESD Programme in Hong Kong since 2003. It could be seen from this report that the promotion of UN ESD Programme in Hong Kong has gone through four stages of development, from publicity and exchange to research and development, and from the establishment of SDGs lifelong learning system to building learning cities. Over the past 18 years, a lifelong learning system for sustainable development has been established, which not only spreads from elementary and general education to higher education, but also covers vocational education and training, in order to build an inclusive, open, peaceful, adaptive and sustainable city.

Hi 17SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals in the Dynamic World

ISBN 978-988-75669-1-5

Copyright 2021 Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development

Author: Americana Chen 

Editor: Prof. Karen Q. Cheung 

Price: HKD50

This book provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015. It is more than a summary or transcript for the podcast “Hi 17 SDGs” hosted by two Certified Sustainable Development Planners – Prof. Thomas C. C. WONG and Prof. Karen Q. CHEUNG. In each chapter, the author extends on each SDG from her own perspective, the perspective of the youth, and provide additional information in the discovery section. Unique and innovative ideas from the young bright mind, supported by research, coupled with expert opinions made the book an informative and refreshing introductory guide to SDGs for the readers.

World Heritage and Intangible Cultural Heritage Hong Kong School Curriculum Casebook

ISBN 978-988-75669-2-2

Copyright 2021 Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development

Editor in Chief: Prof. Karen Q. Cheung & Prof. Lee Chin Kin, John

Price: HKD90


How to write a Quality Sustainable Development Planning Report

ISBN 978-988-79581-5-4

Copyright 2020 Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development

Author: Dr. Gryphon Sou

Price: HKD198 

This book contains four chapters. The first chapter gives the reader an overview of the UNSDGs and their development. UNESCO is the only UN agency with a mandate in higher education. As such, it contributes to developing evidence-based higher education policies and provides technical support to Member States.

In the second chapter, there is the most usual definition of “sustainability”. Such universal definition becomes the Theoretical Framework in writing Sustainable Development Report. Three pillars of Sustainable Development, namely Economic Development, Social Inclusion and Environmental Protection (ESE) are quoted as the most appropriate Conceptual Framework of a comprehensive Sustainable Development Planning.

In parallel with Chapter 3, there are three Appendixes at the end of this book. Each Appendix is the Outline of the Specimen Sustainable Development Reports that are discussed in Chapter 3. Readers’ attention is drawn to the Integrated Systems Approach toward Sustainable Development Planning.

In the last chapter, the Author points out that Sustainable Development Planning is virtually an interdisciplinary subject. All professionals should regard it as a secondary vocational skill. Applying such skills in one’s primary profession leads to the betterment of our world. Our motto is: Sustainable Development Planning Shaping Our Future (SDP SOF).



Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Development Planning Lesson Notes

ISBN 978-988-79581-0-9 Paper
ISBN 978-988-79581-3-0 Electronic
Copyrights 2016 Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development

Principal Investigator: Prof. Ngok Lee
Investigator: Dr.Samson Ma, Prof. J M Morgan, Prof. C L Jenkins, Dr. T Savelyeva,  Prof. Kabo Go
Editor: Prof. Karen Q. Cheung

Price: RMB198 

The Postgraduate Diploma (PgD) in Sustainable Development Planning (SDP) is aligned in terms of post-degree experience with Level 6 in the context of Qualifications Framework (QF) in Hong Kong. Students are required to undertake a total of 140 hours of learning for the award of the 14-credits PgD. PgD in Sustainable Development Planning for sustainable development planners. The Book, Sustainable Development Planning and PgD aims to establish in  the first certified professional program for professionals in Hong Kong and China. Graduates of the PgD will have prepared themselves to progress to the next stage to seek international recognition as sustainable development planners (SPD) in their respective specialty. Assessments and examinations are required before they are awarded the PgD. Professionals and executives who wish to enroll in the PgD are normally senior managers, experienced individuals from the business sector, civil servants in the relevant sectors, educators and academics who wish to seek qualifications in sustainable development, and who aspire to become internationally recognized SDPs. Sustainable development has received new impetus since 2015 embraced a vast spectrum of goals, indicators and outcomes when the UN promulgated the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The UN initiative embraces a vast spectrum of goals, targets and indicators which enable sustainable development planning to address environmental issues, peace, social justice, ending poverty, health, education to global partnership. These SDGs have provided the template for nations and communities to aim high in their sustainable development for the next 15 years in what is known as UN Agenda 2030. In this respect, China is in the forefront of launching initiatives in support of UN 2030 Agenda. President Xi Jinping spearheaded China’s sustainable development campaign in the UN General Assembly in April 2015 when he aligned the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan with the UN Agenda and set five-year targets to end poverty in rural areas.


Illustrations of the Outline Development Plan For the Greater Bay Area

ISBN 978-988-79581-4-7

Copyrights 2019 Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development

Authors: Dr. Wilson Chan

Price: HKD80

《圖解灣區綱要》是按2019年2月18日中共中央、 國務院印發的《粵港澳大灣區發展規劃綱要》(《綱 要》)所編制。綱要全文近26,500字,除前言外共分為 十一章,每章包括二至六小節,部份再分細項。

本《圖解灣區綱要》按相關章節次序編制,以標準 字體列出綱要的原文,配以簡單圖畫,突出重點,以便 理解相關概念。部份名詞附上英文對照,大部份翻譯來 自香港特區政府的英文版綱要。

為爭取盡快推出,在這第一版的《圖解灣區綱要》 僅有少量的註釋及個案,且不設詳盡描述解說。

編制過程中,作者綜合了在電台主持的節目和專業 培訓的教材,再按師生和團隊閱讀後意見修飾而成。過 程已力求嚴謹,但仍難避免可能存有錯漏。若是同學閱 讀,建議多與老師們一起討論,先從本《圖解灣區綱要》 取得概念,再配合原文深入認識《綱要》。


UN 75 Dialogue – Hong Kong Story 

ISBN 978-988-79581-6-1

Copyrights 2020 Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development


Price: HKD68

This book is a booklet for the regional hosting of 『UN 75 Dialogue 』by Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development in May 2020. 

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Sustainable Development Planning, Diploma & Certification for Sustainable Development Planner
Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development
Beijing-Hongkong Education for Sustainable Development 15th Anniversary Milestone
HiESD Project Handbook

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