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United Nations

Sustainable Development Planning Toward 2030

#SDG Action 26908


Achieved by December 2020

1,000 Certified Sustainable Development Planners (CSDP)
100 Certified Sustainable Development Corporation (CSDC)

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Support

Goal 3 | Goal 4 | Goal 5 | Goal 17

Working Parties

United Nations Educational, Scientific & Culture Organization Hong Kong Association (UNESCO HK)
World Institute of Sustainable Development Planners (WISDP)
Hong Kong Institute of Education on Sustainable Development (HiESD)

Our Work

Where we have been? What will be do in the future to achieve the SDG goals?

Achievement of initiative

This is a national drive and an international movement of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). UNESCO CN, UNESCO HK, HiESD & WISDP are working towards this direction. Training and development programs would be launched with training partners and the coming programs are Sustainable Engineering Certification Program, Corporate Social Responsibilities Certification Program, Sustainable Insurance & Wealth Management Certification Program, Criminal Justice & Public Order Certification Program, etc.

Implementation methodologies

The work parties (UNESCO HK, WISDP and HiESD) planned to implement training and certification of individuals and corporations. Through training programs, WISDP trains professionals to become Certified Sustainable Development Planners (CSDP). CSDPs will promote Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Through certification programs, WISDP certifies business or non-business organizations to become Certified Sustainable Development Corporations. CSDCs are committed to support UN SDGs. Since its establishment, membership of WISDP is growing steadily. Professionals joined WISDP and became CSDPs. Some practitioners followed a path of Sustainable Development Practitioners through the WISDP/HKFTU Cohort Entry Program. Some other people through their professional institutions or learned bodies joined WISDP as a Professional Member first. Afterwards, they went through a formalized Portfolio Assessment Exercise. A Panel consisting of President, Vice President and Deputy Registrar General vetted their portfolios and granted the candidates the award of CSDP. Training Partner of WISDP ran 60h Certification Course for law enforcement officers who have grave concern on UNSDG, particularly SDG # 16 & 17. They completed the Certification Course in Criminal Justice & Public Order successfully and become CSDP eventually. To add value to the Certification Programs, WISDP has reached a mutual agreement with The Society of Business Practitioners (SBP) that is an Award Body of British Qualifications. Candidates completed WISDP’s training programs can seek reciprocal certification of the SBP. SBP certification links with its own regular qualification. Mapping of qualifications and subject-to-subject exemption are possible The highest one viz. Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration enables the candidate to seek an MBA degree of Sunderland University within 1 academic year (part-time). In short, this Initiative is in full swing right now. WISDP with the national support and global endorsement is advocating 17 UNSDGs and promoting Sustainable Development Planning towards 2030.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

UN mechanism is adopted. There are Council, Committee and Divisions in WISDP. Council with the Committee governs the operation of WISDP. Divisions are classified into occupational streams. From Divisional Heads to the Members of Committee and Council, they are professionals with tertiary education. Training programs are designed by the volunteers of UNESCO HK, who have strong academic background. Individual Divisions are entrusted to promote the SD Certification Programs in their professions. There are top quality experts in WISDP. Therefore, quality assurance of the institutional performance and program delivery can be assured. The award of CSDP is limited to professionals who have a first degree and relevant experience of SD. In case of CSDC, CSDPs will pay visit to the applicant organization. They use the standardized Inspection Checklist and stringent assessment criteria in the certification process. Only committed corporation could get the award of CSDC. WISDP advocated 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and provided training programs to various professionals. After training, professionals can become Certified Sustainable Development Planners (CSDPs) who would in turn support UN SDGs to a wider context. WISDP also train up business and non-business organizations to become Certified Sustainable Development Corporations (CSDCs). CSDCs will also become supporters of UN SDGs. They are required to integrate SD into their core business and governance, and discharge corporate social responsibilities for global responsibilities. WISDP has an array of Training Partners, ranged from universities, professional institutions and training service providers. Training and Certification Services are provided to individuals and corporations from Greater Bay Area to Mainland China. With overseas training partners, WISDP also serves people and countries in the Asia Pacific and other continents.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

All CSDPs are required to receive CPD each years. Their professional knowledge will be updated. CSDCs are required to prove their commitment to SD each fiscal year. Additionally, each CSDC should have a management level employee who is a CSDP. WISDP also has volunteer members in UNESCO HK [Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China]. Should there be any additional requirements, UNESCO HK and so forth UNESCO CN will help. UNESCO HK has experts in ESD who offer training and human resources to WISDP. Simultaneously, WISDP has a Nobel Laureate as its Honorary President. They work together for the capacity building of WISDP. In parallel, HiESD appoints CSDPs of WISDP the members of its Faculty and Adjunct Faculty. Provost of HiESD is a Chartered Building Engineer and a Freelance Educator who has been working for 7 universities or higher institution since 2000. Its SDP Faculty consists of an Associate Professor (CSR), an Assistant Professor (Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality Management), three Lecturers (Sustainable Insurance & Wealth Management / Professional Mediation / Accountancy). Its Adjunct Faculty consists of 3 Visiting Professors with respective specialization in Higher Education, Vocational Education and Educational Quality Assurance. Besides, there are Professors of Practice with specialization in Environmental Protection, Quality Management, Business Administration, Strategic Management & ICT. They are assisting in the Post-Graduate Program for CSDP certification. In December 2018, HiESD will host a High-Level Forum at Beijing. Its Faculty members, practitioners in the relevant industries, government officials and other stakeholders shall discuss ESD and other related matters in the Forum. Newly-elected CSDPs will receive their award while four local or international companies are going to receive the award of CSDC. Practising CSDPs who attend the Forum will receive their Continuing Professional Development certificate too.