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Facing the development and challenges in the new century, reform and promotion of basic education have taken place in various places. Achieving physical and mental health and physical fitness of student are the primary needs in the promotion of basic education. Keeping healthy development of student’s mind and body are the major issues. It is an important role of educators to measure ands assess the physiological and psychological condition of student’s health in the formulation and promotion of health education development to the student.

HIESD launched the “Smart Healthy School” project cooperated with educators to implement the smart campus health programs for schools and establish the ideas of healthy life to student and aimed to improve the physical and mental health of school and student. The project used six dimensions concepts of health included dimensions of physiology, sport, nutrition, psychology, culture and ecology through data collection, quantification, and analysis to drive and improve the healthy programs. HIESD support the scientific approach on health management to achieve the goals of sustainable health development.

HiESD have taken the lead to launch the “Smart Health School” project, which aims to use IoT intelligent health faciltities to cope with the development of campus innovation to smartly manage the campus and student health and it expect to provide value-added health services to schools. Guiding youth to stay away from bad habits, it should let youth to establish a positive and healthy life concept, improve students’ physical and mental health, and make their develop in a balanced manner.  At the same time, it is necessary to let students, school faculty, student parents and the community to understand and pay attention to about the health life. It is good to promote “healthy living on campus” approach.

In order to achieve the goal to quantify human life of individual, HiESD expect to bring a wonderful view to the school through the “Smart Health School” project, so that the school can adopt the new learning approach of modern students and enhance the facilities and charms of the school. Students are willing and practice the society on campus and let them  practice interpersonal communication, apply and share knowledge.

The “Smart Health School” project provides students with health literacy through six dimensions of health –  physiology, sports, nutrition, psychology, culture and ecology. It can set five major dimensions to the body health, including ecology to health, sports to health, culture to health, and psychology to health, and nutrition to health. It is also using quantifying self-health as a tool to practice “healthy people”. The quantitative approach can obtain accurate data about body health. The data acquisition may scientifically use to manage the body health, including health planning, improvement, target and achievement. It make the sustainable development of body health to human life.

HiESD has joined with various relevant parties, research institutes and partners to set up the “Smart Healthy School Resource Center”. The main objective of the establishment of the Resource Centre is to provide continuous service and development motivation for the “Smart Health School” project. The “Smart Health School Resource Center” has invited a number of experts from different sectors from local and foreign country to serve as consultants, and promote the sustainable development of the Resource Centre in different areas such as education, culture, campus health and community health.

In year 2015, HiESD successfully trial the first “Smart Healthy School” project in Beijing 166 Secondary School. The school hoped to consolidate and innovate the existing health management and standards through the implementation of “Smart Healthy Schools” project. School expected to conduct scientific analysis based on data quantification to enhance student’s physical and mental health as well as the quality of basic education. As the results of project implementation on the measurement of physical and mental health, Beijing 166 Secondary School has got the health situation of students and planned the school policy and programs to enhance the health situation of student.